“Chiqui’s Treats” is my very own online bakery where freshly homemade made to order preservative free baked goods are made…we can arrange for pick up or I can deliver it at your convenience at your door step.  Depending on the distance for delivery; charges maybe applied…It is also my blog as I would like for you to join me in my journey as I fulfill what I love to do!  I also wanted to give you guys a background as to what’s behind my business name…it’s not really rocket science but for you guys that do not know, CHIQUI is my nick name…my immediate family calls me that as well as my relatives and I love making treats so when my colleague at work was trying to set up a domain name for me I had told him that my nick name is CHIQUI…and I love making treats so hence the name…CHIQUI’s TREATS

Please see the different pages of my site to check out my products that I offer and if you do not see the flavour or a particular product on there just inquire.

For further inquiry please send me an email at: christine.geroche@chiquistreats.com

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